Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Clip Ometz Conference

this was my first "real" job at MindsetFilms, done with Frederico Freire. We are both responsible for the MindsetFilm's 3D and PostProduction department.

These clip was shot at our studio, on a green screen, with our RED one camera. Fred did the direction, Eduardo Crivella did the lighting, Adriano Figueiredo and Fernando Navarrete operated the camera.

I was responsible of 3D tracking, as well as every aspect related to 3D process, since modeling, texturing, lighting, animation, till rendering management. Fred did the other tracks in 2D and the final compositing. We had a great help from Josemar Vargas, who gave his noble contribution at the beginning of the compositing phase.

It was a lot of work but, although we felt that if we had more time we could've done more, the result was very positive.


  1. parece bacana, mas podia por um mpg pra ver isso rolando. :)

  2. vc não vao colocar o vídeo, não?
    só que sem a música, peloamordedeus!
    = *